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Miami Power Diesel

Locally owned diesel service and repair shop


Our customer's satisfaction is our number one priority.

Our customers is our best interest. Because of this we invest in keeping our technicians up to date with the craft of diesel engine work. We have been serving diesel vehicles in Miami for over 5 years, and have seen it all. 

Let us give you a FREE inspection to make sure everything is fuctioning as it should be!


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Miami Power Diesel is exactly what you want to see when you walk into a small business independently owned. Family owned, mechanics moving with purpose, lots of trucks and fresh customers flowing in during your stay. You know you're in the right place."

Javier Perez

I was not disappointed. They are honest, fair, and very good at what they do. I would say they know even more than the actual Ford service providers. The company I work for use them all the time and only go somewhere else if the trucks break down in another city. I would highly recommend them to anybody"

Lucy Fuller

6.0L Ford Power Stroke owners, this is the place for you. JC and the crew know all the unique service items specific to this great yet misunderstood engine. Many of his customers are fleet accounts who cannot afford long down times. He keeps most of the 6.0L top-end intake, oil system parts, gaskets and filters in stock.  We all depend on our trucks and want them ASAP. Ben treats everyone as a priority.

TJ Green

What Our Customers Say


Our Services

We are your one stop shop for any diesel need. 

Oil and filter change

Engine rebuild service

Complete tune service


High Quality Parts from the Best Brands

We hand select and test every car part before recommending it to a customer.

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